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Bombay Sapphire Taster Kit

This unique POB presentation kit incorporates a clever magnetic closure that also acts as a wedge to angle the dishes to the viewer.

Jägermeister Fresher's Week Promotion

Produced for University fresher weeks this cardboard shot glass with food safe lamination and inks also incorporated a DO NOT DISTURB white board for the after effects.

Lyclear Product Selector

To make it easy for both pharmacists and customers to differentiate which option in the Lyclear range would be most pertinent to treat their little Jonny or Jenny.

Spooky Box Experiment

A beautifully laser cut box with no glue points and the possibility for personalisation to provide that little extra impact on halloween.

Chivas Brothers Presentation Kit

A practical cost effective corrugated box to hold all the equipment necessary for a great whisky blending extravaganza, with an easy wipe polypropylene sleeve for protection.

R9 Product Brochure

This brochure of the utmost quality incorporating spot metallic ink and was bound in a creative way to locate the simulator transparent pages to overlay detail photos of their conservation area approved UPVC windows.

Pirelli Presentation Booklet

Produced with personalisation across a short run of just three copies with job specific pages for each recipient, the cover was digitally printed in Black on Black Plike rubberised feeling material.

Scodix Enhancements Experiment

This small box was produced to demonstrate the fine foiling detail and luxurious high gloss finish that a Scodix enhanced finish can achieve for everything from packaging through to invitations with personalised foiling in a range of colours.

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